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Breast Health

Recent medical advances have improved breast cancer treatment and survival. Yet finding breast changes or breast cancer early through breast examinations remains an important key to treatment success.

You can help keep your breasts healthy by participating in regular physical activity, eating wholesome foods and having recommended breast exams, including these, as advised by the American Cancer Society:

  • monthly exams you do yourself
    • begin self-exams while in your 20s
  • exams conducted by a doctor
    • in 20s and 30s, every 3 years
    • yearly for women 40 and older
  • mammograms, low-dosage x-rays that can show breast changes or lumps before they are big enough to feel   
    • yearly from age 40 on (no age limit)
    • younger women at high risk of developing breast cancer should have a mammogram and MRI yearly 

We support your breast health with the latest technological screening and diagnostic equipment, a dedicated breast center and expert specialists. Find out more:

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Breast Cancer Surveillance

Breast Cancer Surveillance for Women who are High-Risk

Hear from our breast surgeons about the steps you can take to proactively monitor your health, ensure early detection and reduce the risk of breast cancer.