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Birthing Suite

LDR rooms

Located on the fourth floor of our Toll Pavilion, the suite has 22 specially designed and equipped labor/ delivery/recovery (LDR) rooms. The unit is named in honor of the Women's Board of Abington – Jefferson Health, in recognition of its generous gift to the hospital's expansion program.

Expectant mothers deliver and recover in the comfort of our spacious, home-like birthing suites. Rooms are designed with state-of-the-art medical equipment needed for a safe delivery.  There are modern birthing beds in each room, which enable a safe transition throughout labor. The beds are adjustable to a number of positions, and can even function as birthing chairs. A sleep chair provides a comfortable bed for dad or support person during your stay. Each room is also equipped with a television and DVD player, shower, hair dryer and a rocker-glider.

Dedicated operating rooms

Two operating rooms are available on the unit for mothers who deliver by unscheduled caesarean section. Scheduled cesarean sections are performed in the hospital’s Operating Suites.


Our triage staff evaluates the progress of your labor to determine if you are ready to be admitted to the Birthing Suite. If you are experiencing complications related to your pregnancy you will be examined in the area as well.


A highly advanced security system is installed in the Suite.  The Women’s Board Birthing Suite is a secured unit. All visitors must speak with the front desk receptionist before entering the unit.

To Find an Obstetrician,
call 215-481-6334

Weekdays 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.