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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our maternity classes can be found here. If you have additional questions about our classes, please e-mail our Lead Childbirth Educator.

Who registers for classes?

Our standard audience is any expecting parent.

When should I register for classes?

Classes tend to fill up quickly. The sooner you register, the more options you have to choose from. If possible, please register around the fifth month of pregnancy. This is an optimal time to learn about upcoming class dates, times and fees.

It is recommended that all childbirth education classes be completed during the seventh month of pregnancy. It allows for flexibility should you need to reschedule your class, and it allows you to rest and review the materials received in your classes.

Which classes should I take?

This is a questions that many new couples asks. We have many classes to offer with a variety of scheduling options to help meet your needs.

We suggest that first time parents attend a Childbirth, Caring for Baby, and Breastfeeding class. You will find a promo code in the class descriptions to save $15 when you “bundle” all 3 classes in the same transaction.

We offer many classes before and after your delivery. Taking some time to review all of the options will help you decide what is best for your needs. Please contact our Lead Childbirth Educator if you have any questions.

Can I bring food to class?

Yes. You may bring your own beverage and snacks. If your class is at the hospital or GIANT Community Center, there is the opportunity to purchase drinks and food.

How do I pay for my classes?

If your class has a fee, you will be prompted to process your credit card payment when you register online. Please read each class description as we do offer promo discount codes for certain classes for bundling classes or taking a series.

Please note: Insurance companies may reimburse you for a portion of your classes. Contact your insurance carrier for more information.

Does insurance cover class fees?

We do not accept insurance for classes. Expectant parents submit for reimbursement of class fees through their insurance. If needed, we can provide a receipt of payment, certificate of attendance, or your educator can sign an insurance form in your class if required.

Every insurance policy is different. Please call your insurance representative to find out what is covered with your policy.

Expectant mothers who receive prenatal care and will deliver at Jefferson Health – Abington who have state assisted insurance can inquire about classes that are covered by e-mailing our Lead Childbirth Educator.

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