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Three Newborns Join a Band of Brothers at Abington Hospital

Klenk BabiesBrothers Matthew and Michael Klenk have an uncanny knack for leading parallel lives. In fact, they’re so in sync, their wives recently gave birth 18 hours apart – quite by coincidence – at Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health.

The babies follow in their fathers’ footsteps, or more accurately in this case – footprints. Both Matt, 34, and Mike, 31, also began their lives at Abington Hospital. The brothers have always been close. Their childhood was marked by a mutual passion for Philly sports teams, video games and music. Throughout their youth, the boys played in bands together – Matt on piano and Mike on guitar. The brothers attended Duquesne University in Pittsburgh to study music; met their future wives there, and both are music teachers today in North Penn School District.

“When we learned our wives were pregnant, we started joking about giving birth on the same day,” said Matt, “but when it really happened, it was crazy!” Pregnant with twin boys, Matt’s wife, Jennifer, was scheduled to be induced on April 11. While Jennifer was laboring at the hospital, Michael’s wife, Candice, went into labor a few days earlier than expected.

Matt and Jennifer, who live in Towamencin, welcomed twin boys Alexander and Patrick into the world on April 11. They joined older brothers Christopher, 5, and John, 3. Newborn cousin Emerson made her appearance 18 hours later, on April 12. Her big brother, Jack, 14 months, couldn’t wait to bring her home to Chalfont. Between the two families, the Klenks ruled Abington’s Maternity Suite for a couple days. “With three newborn babies named Klenk, the staff had to be especially alert,” joked Mike.

As though giving birth hours apart wasn’t surreal enough, the string of events during the women’s pregnancies was also fluky. They announced their pregnancies at the same family party – not knowing of one another’s news beforehand. Jennifer and Candice were surprised to discover they had chosen the same obstetric practice for care – and sometimes ran into one another in the waiting room.

The couples unintentionally learned of their babies’ sex on the same day, too.

Move Over Partridge Family

Between the two Klenk families, there are now six children under the age of six. While the kids might resemble a disorganized rhythm band now, some day they just might comprise a wicked brass section for the family band. Their dads can vie for position as the front man.

Klenk Families

Candice, holding Emerson, Michael and Jack Klenk, Matt and
Jennifer Klenk holding Alexander and Patrick, with Christopher
(seated, middle) and John (front, right)

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