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NICVIEW Web Camera System
Live Streams Hospitalized Newborns

Parents Watch Over Their Twin Infants in Abington’s NICU

Twins Joey and Eddie

Jason Baker, MD, and Jim Augustine
with Joey and Eddie Augustine-Baker

During the first few weeks after his twin sons were born, on the days he couldn’t be at their side, Jason Baker, MD would grab his mobile phone or log onto his computer in New York and watch his infants at Abington Hospital, 90 miles away. For Jason, and husband Jim Augustine, Abington’s new NICVIEW Web Camera System provided peace of mind and an opportunity to bond and feel connected as a family during an unexpectedly long separation at the start of their babies’ lives.

In spring 2016, Eddie and Joey Augustine-Baker were born 10 weeks prematurely at Abington Hospital, close to their gestational carrier’s home. Eddie and Joey spent five and one-half weeks in the Special Care Nursery (SCN), Abington’s level III neonatal intensive care unit. There, specialty trained physicians and nurses provided the 24-hour, personalized, loving care the preemies needed to grow and feed so they could go home.

NICVIEW: Feeling close to your baby when you can’t be together

NICVIEW Web Camera SystemBalancing their professional and personal responsibilities, along with the stress of the prolonged hospitalization of their newborns far from home, was challenging for Jason and Jim. To their delight, just three days after Eddie and Joey were born, Abington’s SCN launched its live NICVIEW Web Camera System. From that moment, they could see their infants anytime, via a secure, online portal.

The SCN’s web camera system is placed at bedsides to allow authorized parents, families and friends to view a live video stream from their mobile devices or personal computers. The stream can only be accessed by authorized users with passwords issued by the SCN. The system does not store recordings or images of the transmission.

“One of us was with the boys every day, but if either of us couldn’t be at the hospital, the technology made a non-ideal situation much more tolerable,” said Jason. “In fact, it brought joy to our entire family, because we were able to share the password with relatives across the country.”

The SCN staff works closely with parents to position the cameras and to help them master the log-in process. “Our family had excellent care,” said Jason. “As a same-sex, surrogate couple, we were never treated differently than any other parents and felt absolutely welcome at Abington.”

Eddie and Joey went home in June.
Jim reports that the twins are thriving and there are no signs of complications. “They’re awesome,” he said, “and they are even letting us sleep for a few hours at a time!” Although they appreciated the NICVIEW technology, Jason and Jim are cherishing the moments they can sit and rock their babies to sleep in their arms in their own home.

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