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Maternity Education

Baby Talk group photo

A group photo from Baby Talk

As one of the leading maternity hospitals in the Delaware Valley in number of babies born every year, we are committed to caring for expecting and new parents. In addition to providing advanced medical care and technology, we sponsor educational programs on topics covering planning for pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

Abington Hospital’s maternity education program prepares expecting parents for the arrival of their newborn. These comprehensive classes prepare parents for labor and delivery, their hospital stay and caring for the newborn. Classes are taught by registered nurses who are certified in Childbirth Education and one certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor.

Classes Offered

Baby Basics with our Pediatrician Dad Lab
Baby Talk Infant Massage
Becoming Dads & Moms Labor & Delivery Tour
Breastfeeding 1 Mommies & Munchkins Group
Breastfeeding 2 Moving with Mommy & Me
Caring For Your Baby Prenatal Yoga Class
Childbirth Preparation Class Sibling Preparation
  • Baby Basics with our Pediatrician
    • An open forum support group to discuss vaccinations, choosing a physician and newborn health concerns.

    • Our Chair of Pediatrics attends this class with a Childbirth Educator. They present a power point review of common concerns including how to choose a pediatric care provider, feeding choices, safety, care in the hospital- what tests are performed, expectations of being a new parent, safe sleep guidelines, immunizations and more.

    • This is a special class that does not replace our other classes. We do not review any DVDs or provide a book. There are no hands on practicing of newborn care in this class.

    • You are welcome to bring your questions to ask during our open forum Q&A after the lecture.

    • Grandparents are welcome to join you for this class.

    • Baby Talk
      • Baby Talk is a daytime group that meets several mornings a month for moms and babies.

      • An open forum support group for parents with newborns through six months of age. Common discussions include: breast and bottle feeding, sleeping, comforting a newborn, returning to work or being a stay-at-home parent.
      • Becoming Dads & Moms
        • Becoming Dads and Moms is a group facilitated by a Licensed Certified Social Worker where couples discuss how becoming parents will change your relationship.

      • Breastfeeding 1

        • Breastfeeding for the first month. Topics include: latching, milk supply, breast issues and building awareness.

        • The best plan is to be prepared and attend a Breastfeeding class that shares information you will need to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals

        • Our class provides a book for you to use as a reference after the class. Our books include color photographs and links to short videos to assist you after you attend our class.

        • We discuss common concerns and, very importantly, where you can get support and help with breastfeeding questions. 3/4 of breastfeeding moms will have a question or need help after they are home with a newborn. This class will cover where to find assistance, what to expect, and other important support.

        • It is very important that new moms receive support while breastfeeding. We welcome spouses, partners and support persons as we will discuss how you can help mom.

        • You do not need to attend Breastfeeding 1 before Breastfeeding 2.

        • "This class gave me the confidence to breastfeed" is a common response on our class evaluations.

      • Breastfeeding 2

        • Topics include: breast pumps, returning to work, when to begin pumping and milk storage.

        • This class covers information on choosing a breast pump, how they work and information on how to help you choose one that best suits your needs.

        • Whether you are returning to work or simply want to know more about breast pumps, milk storage, and how a pump works, this class is for you.

        • We provide a packet of handouts with tips on returning to work, breast pump basics, guidelines on cleaning your pump parts, and review a DVD on pumping and returning to work.

        • You do not need to take Breastfeeding 1 before you attend Breastfeeding 2.

        • We do not discuss breast pumps in Class 1.

      • Caring For Your Baby

        • Topics include: burping, diapering, swaddling, skin care, sleeping, newborn appearance and reflexes and parent concerns.

        • How to diaper, swaddle, burp, hold, provide umbilical cord care, perform a sponge bath, discuss safe sleeping and basic newborn care. All of this is discussed and demonstrated using newborn sized dolls. We provide 2 dolls for each couple to practice on during this class.

        • You will receive a book with color photos on newborn care, developmental milestones, safety information and much more.

        • We review a DVD of newborn care.

        • Grandparents are welcome to register to attend if they would like to review care of a newborn baby.

      • Childbirth Preparation Class

        • Topics include: stages of labor, timing contractions, relaxation and breathing, when to notify the doctor and C-sections.

        • Will assist you in preparing for your labor experience. An RN,Certified Childbirth Educator will teach your class and answer your questions.

        • Our classes will cover in-depth information about labor and birth physiology and provide a book with color photos and easy to follow reference information. Our books are used in conjunction with videos, discussion, practicing breathing and relaxation techniques.

        • Your Childbirth Educator will show your partner how to offer a massage to use in labor, discuss the role of the labor support person, the stages of labor, when to come to the hospital, comfort measures to assist you during labor, hospital practices and much more to prepare you for your birth experience.

        • We discuss non-pharmaceutical pain relief options and such as breathing, relaxation, positions using a yoga ball and our peanut balls. Medical options are also discussed and include the epidural for pain relief.

        • Both vaginal and cesarean deliveries are discussed along with recovery from childbirth known as the post partum period.

      • CPR
        • We are pleased to offer 2 CPR options for parents and families.

        • Anyone who cares for a child should be knowledgeable in CPR.

        • Our Infant CPR Anytime and Child/Adult CPR Anytime classes are time sensitive- they are about 2 hours long.

        • These are not full certification classes. They provide you with an inflatable CPR manikin and DVD for you to take home to practice and share with friends and family.

        • Infant CPR covers techniques used on newborns through 12 months of age.

        • Child/Adult CPR covers techniques used on anyone age 1 year through adult.

      • Dad Lab
        • Dad Lab is a group for dads to attend both before and after the birth of your child. Meeting other fathers, hearing shared concerns and talking about your experiences are just a few of the great things that happen in a Dad Lab group. Mike Hardy, RN and father of 2 will facilitate Dad Lab.
      • Infant Massage

        • Instructs mothers on how to relax and stimulate the newborn, as well as the overall benefits of infant massage.

        • Babies receive many benefits when parents and caregivers offer them a massage.

        • There are different techniques that help with stretching, relieving gas and aiding in digestion, helping a baby to sleep and relax.

        • Many new parents relay to healthcare providers that they want to know ways to interact with a newborn, help soothe them and offer tummy time. Massage offers this and both parents, grandparents and caregivers will benefit from knowing how to provide the massage.

        • A book is provided. We review an instructional DVD then review the techniques.

        • You can attend this class before or after your baby is born.

      • Labor & Delivery Tour

        • Tour of Abington Hospital and the labor & delivery unit. Meet a hospital nurse.

      • Mommies & Munchkins Group
        • An evening group that is perfect for moms who have returned to work or who are looking for a group to join while pregnant.

        • This class discusses concerns and provides socialization for you and your baby.
      • Moving with Mommy & Me
        • Instructs moms on stretching and strengthening their bodies after birth with yoga-based exercises. There is also a focus on bonding with the baby through movement and relaxation techniques.

      • Prenatal Yoga Class

        • Many expecting moms would like to learn gentle stretches and movements to assist with their changing body during pregnancy.

        • Our certified prenatal yoga instructor welcomes you to join her in a monthly class that is just for pregnant mothers. You do not need to have any prior yoga experience to attend but you do need the waiver form completed by your OB office before your first class.

        • Participants will learn to build strength and flexibility, as well as breathing awareness and relaxation, all to aid comfort during pregnancy and labor. This class also focuses on alleviating pregnancy discomfort.
      • Sibling Preparation

        • Fun and interactive class for children awaiting the arrival of a new sibling.

      Register online or call 215-481-6800 for more information.

      Inclement Weather and Class Cancellations

      There is a 72 hour cancellation policy for classes. If you find you are unable to attend your class, please e-mail our Lead Childbirth Educator and we will assist you in available class dates to transfer your registration.

      In the event of questionable weather and class cancellations, please contact the hospital operator at 215-481-2000.

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