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Newborn Circumcision

Jefferson Abington Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the United States to have board certified pediatric urologists to perform circumcision procedures. You are encouraged to ask your physician (pediatrician, pediatric urologist, obstetrician or family medicine doctor) to discuss the circumcision process with you.

Circumcision Decision

Yawning babyCircumcision is an optional procedure, and families should consider their personal, religious or family beliefs or customs when making the decision. If you have questions regarding this important decision, please talk with the pediatrician or pediatric urologist taking care of your baby. Watch this video to learn more about the decision to circumcision and its potential benefits.

When is the procedure performed?

After your baby boy is born, your pediatric provider will complete a thorough physical exam and discuss the procedure. If you choose circumcision, the procedure will be performed after your newborn reaches 24 hours of age. All the details will be explained before the procedure is performed.

Once it has been established that there are no health-related reasons to prevent a safe circumcision, the post-partum nursing staff will schedule the procedure. Your baby will be taken to the Newborn Observation Room, where he will be attended to by a member of the nursing staff at all times. When the procedure is complete, your baby will be returned to you in your post-partum room.

If your baby is in the Special Care Nursery, the circumcision might be completed prior to discharge. If after thorough examination it is determined that your newborn should not be circumcised during the hospital stay, an outpatient follow-up appointment can be made with the pediatric urologist’s local office.

How is pain managed?

Pain management for your baby’s circumcision will include both topical and local anesthetic to the penis, as well as oral administration of an appropriate dose of acetaminophen before and several hours after the procedure. Your baby will be observed by the nurse attending the procedure.

What should we expect post-procedure?

The physician who performs the procedure will thoroughly explain post-circumcision care. Additionally, parents should make a follow-up appointment with the pediatric urology office within 10 to 14 days after the procedure to make sure their baby is healing properly.

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