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Skin-to-Skin Care

Mom and Baby - Skin to Skin

Mothers, regardless of feeding choice, will be encouraged to participate in skin-to-skin care. The practice of skin-to-skin will facilitate mother-infant bonding, ensure best practices for breastfeeding support, and provide a comfortable transition as your baby adjusts to life outside the womb.

When practicing skin-to-skin care, your baby is placed belly-down, directly on your chest immediately after birth wearing only a hat and/or a diaper. A warm blanket may be laid over the infant and mother once the baby is placed skin-to-skin.

Some of the benefits of skin-to-skin care for your newborn include:

  • Reduces crying
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Improves quality of sleep

Watch a video to learn more about the benefit of bonding with your newborn baby through skin to skin contact.

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