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Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

About Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

The Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery at Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health was established to meet the needs of patients and families who desire excellence in medical/surgical care while avoiding exposure to donated blood or primary blood components.


"I hold Abington Hospital in the highest regard. The doctors respected my beliefs and the staff was wonderful. Everything came out great!"
    —Carmen Kerrigan

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The Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery combines advanced medical technology with an experienced team of healthcare professionals to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding, trust and respect that promotes the delivery of high-quality care. The physicians and staff are committed to employing every means possible to avoid the use of blood.

The Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery endeavors to minimize blood loss by utilizing special blood conservation methods such as blood conservation devices, pharmaceuticals and meticulous surgical techniques.


Minimally Invasive Surgery - eliminates large incisions to reduce blood loss, pain, recovery time and surgical scars

Cell Saver - collects and returns patient's own blood during surgery

Harmonic Scalpel - utilizes ultrasound technology to simultaneously cut tissue and seal blood vessels

Argon Beam Coagulator - coagulates blood vessels to reduce blood loss and operative time

Electrocautery - minimizes blood loss during surgery through cauterization

Minimal Blood Sampling and Testing - conserves patient's own blood by reducing the amount and frequency of blood testing

Synthetic Red Cell Stimulator - medicine that stimulates bone marrow to produce red blood cells

Benefits for Patients

Every specialty area—including surgery, oncology, labor and delivery, and general medicine—uses the services of the Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery.

Patients benefit from:

  • having a bloodless medicine team in place that is familiar with all types of procedures and emergencies;
  • expertise in well-proven techniques to avoid blood use and minimize blood loss;
  • preoperative planning, intraoperative techniques and post-operative plans to document patient choices;
  • minimally invasive procedures and robotic surgery when medically appropriate, to reduce blood loss and risks from transfusions;
  • special wristbands to ensure that patient wishes are met;
  • charts and beds marked to remind staff of blood-related requests.

Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

For more information on Abington Memorial Hospital's Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery, or to refer a patient, please call 215-481-7400 or toll-free at 866-441-6763.

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