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Lumbar Decompression

Innovative back surgery is now bringing pain relief from ruptured or herniated lumbar discs, lower back arthritis, spinal stenosis, leg pain, bone spurs, thickened ligaments and other conditions.

Minimally invasive decompressive surgery, or mini-back surgery, gives you treatment with fewer surgical risks and faster recovery. At the Abington Orthopedic & Spine Institute – Jefferson Health, our surgeons have what you need for exceptional treatment: highly specialized knowledge, latest technology and surgical experience with advancements such as microdiscectomy and hemilaminectomy.

We are honored to be named a Blue Distinction Center+ for Spine Surgery® by Independence Blue Cross.

Disc Removal & Decompression

Our specialists in mini-back surgery use fiberoptic cameras and microsurgical techniques to decompress the nerve sac in the lumbar spine.

With expert skill in minimally invasive techniques, they perform microdiscectomy to remove a diseased or ruptured (herniated) disc and its fragments, ending painful spillover onto surrounding nerves.

While conventional lumbar surgery removes all of the lamina bone on top of the spinal column, our surgeons use minimally invasive hemilaminectomy to remove only part of the bone. This saves healthy bone and alleviates pressure on nerves.

Benefits of Mini-Back Surgery

Minimally invasive back surgery uses small incisions and microsurgical technology to provide significant advantages for you over conventional, or open, back surgery:

  • Less cutting of muscles
  • Less blood loss
  • More bone preservation
  • Much smaller incision
  • Significantly less pain
  • Greater stability of the spine
  • Much faster recovery and rehabilitation

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