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Artificial Disc Replacement

Your problem with lower back pain from a herniated disc may be solved with artificial disc replacement, an advanced, minimally invasive procedure. Surgeons at the Abington Orthopedic and Spine Institute – Jefferson Health are highly skilled in this pioneering treatment, which can relieve pain and provide an alternative to conventional spinal fusion.

Artificial disc replacement is performed by minimally invasive methods, with small incisions and microsurgical techniques, so you gain a faster recovery and rehabilitation than with conventional, open surgery.

Benefits of Artificial Disc Replacement

This procedure removes a diseased disc from between vertebrae and anchors in a strong, FDA-approved artificial replacement. The new disc preserves motion and disc height, alleviating the pressure on spinal nerves that results from degeneration.

The new disc can be inserted between the L4 and L5 vertebrae or between the L5 and S1 vertebrae.

Considering Disc Replacement

Artificial disc replacement may be suitable for treating your degenerated, or herniated, lumbar disc if you have tried six months of non-surgical treatments that have not worked. For weakened bones (osteoporosis or osteopenia), disc degeneration at more than one spinal level or spinal instability, disc replacement is not appropriate and another treatment will be recommended. Your surgeon will evaluate your condition fully and discuss all your options.

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