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Therapeutic Walker Program

Older adults can lose up to five percent of their muscle mass every day while hospitalized, due to inactivity. That can reduce physical functionality and affect long-term good health.

The solution: Keep moving…even during inpatient care!

Walking is a great way to regain and maintain physical functioning. Through this special program at Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health, patients can schedule a walk with a trained staff member.

You’re eligible if you are age 65 or older and can do any of these:

  • Walk independently
  • Walk with one-person assistance
  • Walk with an assistive device (walker/cane)

To request a walk, call 215-481-4466.

Patients, family members, nurses or doctors may make the request. Leave patient’s name, room number and the date/time preferred for the walk. Messages are returned within 24 hours during business hours. Walks are available Monday through Friday.

For more information about The Muller Institute for Senior Health and its services, call 215-481-2571. To find a senior health physician, call 215-481-MEDI (6334).

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