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Inpatient Geriatric Assessment

Our inpatient geriatric assessment team supports physicians by evaluating their patients’ needs when hospitalized. The team also serves older adult inpatients who do not have a primary care physician.

Patients Who Benefit

Inpatient evaluation is helpful for frail, senior patients with problems ranging from incontinence, heart disease and diabetes to dementia.

Assessments are available in all Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health units caring for elderly patients, including the Emergency Trauma Center.

Assessment Team

Patients are evaluated by a fellowship-trained physician who is board certified in geriatrics and a geriatric nurse practitioner. They work with social workers, pharmacists, clinical dietitians, the medical librarian and physical, occupational and speech therapists, according to each patient’s needs.

Consults from disciplines such as cardiology, infectious diseases, neurosciences, oncology and pulmonary medicine may be included.

Inpatient Guidance

The geriatrician and team assess the older adult's medical and psycho-social needs. Looking at the entire person, the team identifies ways to improve the patient's medical condition and overall quality of life.

Just as important as identifying problems is making sure that doctors, nurses and family members receive information and support. The nurse practitioner and/or geriatrician provide daily feedback to families and primary care physicians, and work closely with nurses to ensure proper patient care.

Discharge Planning

The geriatric assessment team "fine-tunes" the patient’s care plan and offers suggestions to enhance each individual's living situation after being discharged from the hospital. This planning before the patient leaves inpatient care helps solve problems in order to avoid future hospital stays.

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