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Outpatient Geriatric Assessment

Evaluations by geriatricians and other senior health specialists may be helpful in improving an older adult’s medical, functional or psycho-social conditions.

Seniors who are experiencing memory problems, suffer a complex array of physical problems, or have social situations complicating their health status can benefit from a geriatric assessment. Those who have problems with depression or incontinence are also candidates for an evaluation.

Sometimes, the problems people experience managing their daily activities are of greatest concern. Individuals and their families often seek a geriatric assessment to assist with making difficult decisions about their care.

This service provides a comprehensive outpatient evaluation of older adults by our team of professionals with expertise in caring for seniors.

Assessment Team

Geriatric assessment team members include a geriatrician (a physician who is fellowship- trained and board certified in geriatrics), a geriatric social worker and a geriatric nurse practitioner.

Comprehensive Evaluation

An assessment includes a thorough medical history and physical examination by a medical doctor or a geriatric nurse practitioner. This evaluates both acute and chronic conditions as well as medication history.

The center's geriatric nurse practitioner and social worker complete a functional evaluation to appraise physical and cognitive skills. They measure the older adult’s ability to perform activities such as bathing, preparing meals and managing finances. Mental status is also assessed.

The team looks at how changes in health and function are affecting the senior and family members. Emotional well-being and specific care needs of the patient are evaluated. Financial aspects are considered in making appropriate recommendations.

The geriatric team also may suggest referrals for consultations with other experts, such as a neurologist, physical therapist or geropsychiatrist.

Reviewing Results

After completing the evaluations and testing, the team meets with the older adult and  family members to review the findings and make specific recommendations.

Recommendations may include suggestions for managing medical or behavioral problems, services to assist an individual in the home and information regarding programs and facilities outside the home.

The team's geriatrician or nurse practitioner sends a medical summary to the senior's primary care physician. By receiving the results of the assessment, the doctor is able to help follow through with the recommendations.

For Appointments

Older adults may be referred to the Geriatric Assessment Center by a physician, a social service agency, or by a family member or friend. Seniors also may contact the center themselves to make an appointment. To schedule, call 215-481-5640 during business hours.

Insurance Coverage

Geriatric assessment services are typically covered for individuals who have Medicare and a Medicare supplemental insurance (after deductibles have been met). Co-pays may apply. Services are also covered by most insurance plans.

Schedule a Geriatric Assessment