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Senior Health Patient Stories

Memory Fitness

April 2014

I have recently enrolled in the Memory Fitness program at Abington Health Center – Warminster.  I have found the program to be enjoyable and helpful. The lead of the program, Kathy Rovine, is very exceptional. It is a pleasure to go to her class. She speaks to each member of her class and the content of what she comes up with is amazing. The lessons are very well-planned and they are created to help those of us with memory problems. Thank you for recommending this program to my wife. I hope it will continue for a long time. – WP

July 2013

You and your able assistants provide an atmosphere of caring, thoughtfulness and a genuine concern for and knowledge about each member of the (Memory Fitness) program.

Beginning with exercise, the news of the day, and later many fine and fun mental challenges (as well as Tuesday visits from a wonderful service dog), you and your staff help to enlarge each member’s life.  There is definitely a feeling of “hope for a better day” that is generated by you and your team. Lunch time provides members with meaningful socialization and a really lovely meal as well.

My husband looks forward to coming because he knows that “something good will be happening.”

Thanks again for all you and your team’s efforts to promote understanding and a really thoughtful and challenging program. – SL

Home Care

Home Care

I want to commend your home health aide for the excellent service she gave to my husband during his time on Abington Home Care. He was recuperating from his third stroke with walking difficulties and aphasia.  Her early morning smiles and conversation brightened his day. Her excellence performance and bath service to see that he was immaculate showed expertise and caring. She was very knowledgeable, thoughtful and helpful with all suggestions. My husband looked forward to her visits. She made me, as his wife and caregiver, appreciative to have such a capable person to help us. We will truly miss her.   – WB

I am writing to express my thanks and to highlight the hard work and caring of my nurse. My recovery was made so much easier thanks to her. Her knowledge and caring demeanor made the experience a lot more bearable. I was better able to care for myself thanks to her patient instruction. She made sure I had everything I needed to heal from my surgery. Thanks again.  – RO

I wish to express my appreciation to the various Home Care personnel who came to our home following my surgery. To my physical therapist who made PT sessions nothing to be dreaded. His kind, thoughtful, caring and gentle ways made it easier for me… Your home care services are wonderful! Always on time and each visit they took time to answer any and all questions my husband and I had. It was good to know that someone cared about you and that you were not just a name on their list. Thanks you again for your many kindnesses!  – AQ

I am sending this note to let you know that my physical therapist is awesome. She came to my home after I returned home from spending twelve days in a skilled facility after having a full knee replacement.  She worked very hard with me and had me doing my exercised three times a day. Because of her hard work and my doing what she asked of me, I don’t have to go to outpatient therapy. My doctor was shocked at how good my leg was dong. Six weeks after surgery I can bend my leg back 104 percent. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the hard work that my therapist did for me and I am very thankful.  – JP

Geriatric Assessment Center

Geriatric Assessment Center

First just let me say I was very impressed by the compassionate care and comprehensive service that you all provided at our recent visit (to the Geriatric Assessment Center) for my father. My sister was pleased with the service she experienced when arranging the appointment as well

Hospice Program

Hospice Program

I would like to thank everyone in Abington’s Hospice department for their help and compassionate care of my mother. Although we all miss her dearly, it is somewhat of a relief to know that her suffering was eased. I would like to extend my gratitude to our nurses and social worker who helped immensely through this trying ordeal and also a special thanks to our aide who cam every day to clean and freshen my mom and her bedding, with loving care. I know she will become an excellent nurse in the near future.  – MM

I want to thank the Abington [Hospice] staff and [bereavement support group facilitator]. The level of concern and compassion was heartfelt and my family and I felt genuinely supported during my mom’s hospice care and transition. After her passing, there were many moments where I felt isolated in my grief and mourning. However, attending the bereavement sessions and reading and re-reading all of the handouts truly helped me keep my sanity in check. The reflections allowed me to “accept” my grieving as a ritual process rather than irrational. I miss those Tuesday nights. They were a source of comfort and belonging.  Thank you for caring.  - CM

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