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Geropsychiatric Inpatient Program

Program Description

The Geropsychiatric Inpatient Program provides comprehensive assessment, short-term, intensive treatment and discharge planning services to older adults with a variety of acute emotional health problems and their family members.

Treatment Team

The Geropsychiatric Inpatient Program treatment team is composed of board-certified, geriatric psychiatrists, geriatric clinical nurse specialists, a geriatric social worker, psychiatric nurses, internist and creative arts therapists who provide a full range of geropsychiatric services.

Program Goals

  • To provide comprehensive medical and psychiatric assessment and diagnostic services.
  • To treat acute psychiatric illness in older adults in a sensitive, caring manner.
  • To assist patients in regaining and maintaining their highest level of functioning by emphasizing health coping skills.
  • To assist patients and their families in identifying and obtaining necessary financial, social and medical resources.

Program Services


The treatment team evaluates each patient to identify his or her individual strengths and needs and develops a treatment program for each client.

Psychiatric Supervision and Medication Management

Comprehensive treatment services are provided to address medical and psychiatric issues. Patients are encouraged to continue to see their private psychiatrists and medical doctors for continuity of care.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy sessions offer clients a supportive setting where they can feel free to explore their feelings and to seek practical solutions to interpersonal problems.

Individual Psychotherapy

Daily psychotherapy sessions are held with a geropsychiatrist or a primary therapist.

Psychoeducational Groups

The Relapse Preventions Group teaches clients specific techniques for identifying, monitoring and managing the warning signs of relapse. In addition, the Medication Group teaches the client which medications are most effective for their illness, the possible side effects and why it’s important to comply with their physician's orders.

Validation and Reminiscence Therapy

Provide patients diagnosed with cognitive impairments the opportunity for life review with emphasis on the aging process, relationships and positive memories.

Occupational, Art and Music Therapy

Assist the client, through the creative use of crafts and music, to communicate that which is difficult to verbalize. In addition, these therapies foster self-awareness, improve concentration, decision making and social interaction.

Stress Management Groups

Aid in the identification of stressors and teach coping skills to help modify one's lifestyle to reduce stress.

Social Skills

Identify deficits, teach specific skills and give the client the opportunity to practice these skills in a supportive environment.

Self-Awareness Groups

Provide a milieu to reflect on positive past experiences and build new ones to improve self-esteem.

Relaxation Groups

Breathing, imagery and muscle-relaxing techniques are offered to relax the body and clear the mind.

Recreation Therapy

Activities are planned to foster socialization and leisure skill enhancement.

Discharge Planning and Case Management

Assist the client in identifying and obtaining supportive resources and services, and in making a successful transition to outpatient therapy.

For more information about the Geropsychiatric Inpatient Program, please call 215-481-5555.

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