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Pathology Department

Abington – Jefferson Health’s Pathology Department and laboratories provide a full range of diagnostic services to the clinicians of Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health, Abington – Lansdale Hospital, affiliated surgical centers and procedure units which enable state-of-the-art patient diagnosis and treatment. 

At Abington, our board certified and fellowship-trained pathologists have expertise in identifying the broad spectrum of disease, including breast, gynecologic, gastrointestinal, lung, urologic, endocrine and hematologic (leukemia) cancers. Pathologists usually do not see patients directly, but serve as consultants to other physicians. The Pathology team is committed to providing accurate and prompt test results, utilizing the latest in diagnostic equipment.

The Department of Pathology also offers our patients molecular genetic testing of tumors which can aid our clinicians in the treatment of cancer.  The growing field of molecular genetic (DNA) testing provides comprehensive genomic profiles to oncologists to help them match their patients to targeted therapies. Molecular testing is impacting diagnosis and treatment in many other areas of medicine. The common pap test is now accompanied by molecular testing for the HPV virus to more accurately diagnose cervical cancer. The department also partners with nationally-recognized reference laboratories to provide our patients with the most precise and personalized medical treatment.

For more information about the Department of Pathology, please call 215-481-2352.

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