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Palliative Care

Jefferson Health Palliative Care Services has one important goal: to provide symptom management and support to patients and families who are dealing with serious or life-threatening illnesses.

Palliative Care Services are offered to patients in Abington Hospital, Abington – Lansdale Hospital, Aria – Bucks County Hospital, Aria – Frankford Hospital,  Aria – Torresdale Hospital, or a skilled nursing facility. Palliative Care Services are also offered to patients in their homes through Palliative Care home care services. Palliative Care Services are also specifically designed for patients living with heart failure.

Who Can Receive Services?

Palliative Care Services are available to patients with advanced medical illnesses, especially chronic and progressive life-limiting conditions.  In-hospital or facility consultant services are initiated through a request from the patient’s primary medical team. For in-home services, the patient’s physician can make the request upon discharge, or the outpatient’s primary care physician can make a referral.

How Does Palliative Care Differ from Hospice?

Palliative care can provide treatment for pain and symptom management during any phase of a patient’s illness, even when active treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hemodialysis or other interventions continue. Palliative Care Services may be helpful to you and your family at the time of diagnosis, during treatment, if disease progresses or crises occur, and also at the end of life.

While the goal of hospice is also focused on comfort measures and symptom management, hospice becomes a choice for patients with a life expectancy of six months or less who wish to stop treatment of illnesses and focus on comfort.

Supporting Patients and Families

Palliative care focuses on open communication in difficult situations, as well as recognition of individual choices throughout serious illness. Our commitment is to enhance each patient’s quality of life, while managing their pain and suffering, and preserving their dignity and autonomy. Family members who care for our seriously ill patients are also supported throughout the illness.

For Questions or to Make a Palliative Care Referral
In-patient: 215-481-6839

In-home: 215-481-5800