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Nutrition Counseling Services at the Pain Center at Jefferson Lansdale Hospital

The Pain Center at Jefferson Lansdale Hospital is committed to providing solution-based, medical nutrition therapy and counseling to help patients manage pain. Individual sessions are scheduled with registered dietitians who will help you achieve your health goals and manage your pain in a personalized manner that fits your lifestyle.

Why Choose Nutrition Counseling?

Do you have pain and/or health concerns that would benefit from professional nutrition assistance? Registered dietitians at the Pain Center at Jefferson Lansdale Hospital are trained to help you achieve optimal health, well-being and manage pain through lifestyle and diet changes.

Our registered dieticians are food and nutrition experts who:

  • Meet academic and professional requirements to maintain registration status
  • Provide nutrition therapy on various clinical conditions, illnesses and general wellness
  • Have training in weight management

During an appointment, you can expect to meet with a registered dietician who will use Medical Nutrition Therapy to:

  • Answer any questions you may have about nutrition
  • Design a personalized nutrition plan that will address your health concerns
  • Promote lifestyle changes that will balance the amount you eat with the amount of activity in your day
  • Help you navigate the supermarket aisles and understand food labels

What is Medical Nutrition Therapy?

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is a vital component of your comprehensive health care. During MNT sessions, your individual concerns are addressed and an assessment is completed to determine your nutritional needs. Using evidence-based practice guidelines, a customized plan is designed to support your goals.

Nutrition Services

The registered dieticians at the Pain Center at Jefferson Lansdale Hospital provide MNT for weight management as a means for managing pain. Therapy may also be provided for additional health and wellness conditions upon request.

Insurance Coverage

Many insurance plans cover nutrition counseling, although some require a referral for these services. Insurance information and required referrals must be presented at the time of your visit. For coverage and referral information, please check with your insurance company.

More Information and Appointments

Please call Nutrition Counseling Services at the Pain Center at Jefferson Lansdale Hospital at 215-361-6703 if you have any questions, need more details about our services and/or would like to schedule an appointment. We will make every effort to make an appointment that matches your scheduling needs.

Convenient Location

Nutrition Counseling at the Pain Center at Jefferson Lansdale Hospital
Medical Arts Building
125 Medical Campus Drive, Suite 110
Lansdale, PA 19446
215-261-4652 fax