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Infectious Diseases

The diagnosis and treatment of illnesses caused by bacteria, viruses and other organisms are the specialties of physicians in this department. Among the problems handled are: influenza; hepatitis; mononucleosis; acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS); Lyme disease; pneumonia; endocarditis; tropical diseases; and skin and bone infections.

Abington – Jefferson Health's Infectious Diseases physicians also staff Travel Medicine that provides recommended vaccinations and medical information. Travel Medicine works to keep travelers healthy and happy during their trips overseas, by preventing infections with immunizations, giving travelers pre-emptive medications they can take with them and by giving sound advice and recommendations about how to avoid illness while abroad.

Forty to 60 percent of international travelers get some kind of health advice before departing, usually from unreliable sources; however, the Travel Medicine staff, with more than 25 years in the field, has expertise many do not. In a field where important information changes from year to year, Travel Medicine specialization will greatly aid patients in staying healthy overseas. The office has experience and vaccines, such as one for yellow fever, which many physician practices would not have readily available

It is not only Africa and South East Asia for which the office gives immunizations. The office offers certain immunizations, medication or at least advice for most areas of the world. Diseases that are uncommon to the United States exist in much of the developing world as well as in places such as India, Mexico, and other growing tourist destinations.

With 40 to 60 percent of travelers suffering travelers' diarrhea at some point during their vacation, and destinations becoming more and more exotic, it is important to seek medical advice before departure. Patients should visit the office a month prior to leaving, Braun said, to ensure they receive all necessary immunizations for their vacation as well as review their common immunization records.

Travel Medicine is located in Suite 220 of the Levy Medical Plaza in Abington. For more information, please call 215-481-6350.

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