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Nuclear Medicine

Abington – Jefferson Health offers all of the latest nuclear medicine studies, including nuclear cardiology (such as stress tests), SPECT (offering several types of imaging in one machine), and tumor-seeking isotope studies.  In addition, isotope therapy for thyroid disease and bone cancer is available.

Nuclear medicine involves injecting small amounts of radioactive isotopes to highlight internal organs, cardiac function or suspected bone abnormalities. 

You will receive instructions based on the type of test you’re having.  You may be asked to wear a gown or you may be able to wear your own clothes.

Many nuclear medicine studies are performed with a gamma camera, which detects small amounts of radiotracers and creates images.  SPECT cameras revolve around the body and combine aspects of CT scanning with nuclear medicine images for more detailed views.

Scheduling a Test?

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Radiology Group of Abington, PC

Radiology Group of Abington, PC

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