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Home Health Care Services

As the length of hospital stays declines for individuals who have undergone joint replacements, amputations and strokes, supervised therapy at home has grown. Home Care nurses and therapists map out a program of consistent, coordinated, cross-disciplinary care that is necessary for successful rehabilitation.

Home Care staff answer questions, clarify physician instructions, monitor for infections and provide the necessary physical and occupational therapy during their visit. To ease the transition to home, Home Care staff also work closely with family members and other health care professionals to be sure caregivers understand how to administer medications and make their homes more accessible and maneuverable for patients.


Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled registered nurses help speed a patient's recovery after an operation or illness. They also provide ongoing care to the aged or chronically ill. Often, with the help of a visiting nurse, lengthy hospital stays and burdens on family members can be avoided.

Following consultation with physicians, nurses perform specific tasks including:

  • completing physical assessments
  • instructing families on the care of acutely ill patients
  • dressing wounds
  • supervising treatment and diet
  • instructing in and supervising the use of medication
  • administering intravenous medications
  • counseling on health issues
  • assisting patients and their families with crisis intervention
  • Tracheostomy Care: take feeding instruction and management

Nurses have been called the at-home eyes, ears and hands of physicians. They verify medical orders and ascertain that patients are complying with physician-approved treatment plans. Regular written and verbal communications with physicians about their patients ensure that progress is documented and problems are quickly identified.

Physical Therapy

Home Care physical therapists plan physical rehabilitation programs to help patients regain or improve physical functioning. Therapists work to increase joint movement, restore use of their impaired muscles, control pain or regain their ability to engage in activities of daily living.

Speech Pathology

A learning disability, accident or illness may leave a person unable to communicate effectively. Speech pathologists evaluate each person's needs and direct a program of exercises to help him or her regain speech.

Home Health Aides

Under supervision by our professional staff, home health aides help patients with personal care and hygiene (such as bathing and exercise) and perform light housekeeping tasks and errands.

Occupational Therapy

After an accident or illness, patients may have to relearn physical and general awareness skills. Occupational therapists assess patients' abilities and develop a comprehensive program to help them regain many skills. With instruction (and sometimes using adaptive devices or aids) they can begin to do more tasks independently.

Medical Social Service

Sometimes help is indicated when patients have difficulty coping with the emotional stress of an accident or illness. Medical social workers assist in resolving problems and conflicts involving both patients and their families. Assistance can include: locating suitable housing; arranging for financial relief; and resolving family problems.

Maternal-Child Home Health

Maternal/Child Health Home Care services are provided by registered nurses with special skills, knowledge and experience in the care of mothers and their babies. These services are available in Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia counties.

Learn more about Maternal-Child Home Health Care services

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