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Count on Home Care to Get There

Neither Snow – Nor Even More Snow, Ice and Power Outages – Kept Our Home Care Providers from Completing their Patient Rounds

It’s not just mail carriers who brave the elements. During last winter’s long and many storms, our brave and resilient staff found ways to reach their patients.

  • Nurse Kathy Wilbur walked to a patient’s home in Jenkintown after parking her car almost a mile away due to a downed tree. He had recently been discharged from the hospital with a tracheotomy. The visit could not be postponed until roads were passable because he was experiencing difficulties with his feeding tube and would not receive proper nutrition.
  • Nurse Lorie Ciminera walked a mile through the snow to reach one patient.
  • Home Care Cross CountryOccupational therapist Barbara Bussart resorted to cross-country skis to visit her patients in Ambler when auto travel was too dangerous.
  • One patient complimented Nurse Laura J. Reilly not only for visiting him but for calling the phone company on his behalf. The patient had been told that it would take five days to restore his service. She insisted on speaking to a manager and was able to secure next-day repair so that the patient would be able to call 911 for help if a health issue arose.

Although we certainly wish for better weather this winter, Abington Health’s Home Care Department is ready to serve our community, no matter what the weather may bring.

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