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Vascular Aortic Repair

Aortic aneurysm, a bulging or weakening in the major artery of the heart, may be treated with minimally invasive procedures or open surgery.

Surgeons at the Blank Vascular Center are highly experienced in all methods of vascular aortic repair.

Minimally Invasive EVAR

In endovascular aneurysm repair, or EVAR, our specialists use a thin catheter and three-pronged graft to seal off the damaged area. Patients have shorter hospital stays and recover more quickly than with open surgery.

Open Aortic Repair

This surgery reaches the damaged aorta through an abdominal incision. Our surgeons open the aneurysm and remove any blood clots. They then sew the three-pronged graft to the aorta, wrap the wall of the aorta around the graft, and stitch the entire wall back together. Sutures or staples keep the incision site closed.

Patients may be hospitalized five or more days. Recovery takes up to three months.

Vincent Liddle

Big Results Through Small Incisions

Read how a patient with abdominal aortic aneurysm received surgery in Abington’s hybrid OR.

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