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Cardiac Catheterization

During cardiac catheterization, specially trained interventional cardiologists guide a thin flexible tube, or catheter, into the heart for diagnostic tests and minimally invasive treatments.

The highly skilled physicians of the Pilla Heart Center at the Abington Heart and Vascular Institute – Jefferson Health perform thousands of cardiac catheterizations annually in our specially equipped catheterization laboratories.

Diagnosis With Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac catheterization identifies blocked arteries, evaluates the severity of heart valve disease and assesses other cardiac conditions. It is often performed on patients with chest pain, or angina.

Catheterization is used to diagnose many conditions: heart valve problems, such as aortic stenosis; coronary artery disease; heart failure; cardiomyopathy, or enlarged heart; and congenital heart defects.

Catheterization Treatments

Therapies are delivered through the catheter. Procedures include: angioplasty and stenting to open clogged blood vessels; laser and rotoblator treatments for removing plaque build-up; heart valve repair; congenital heart defect repair; and carotid artery surgery.

Cardiac catheterization is also used with cooling technologies to protect brain function after heart attack and for peripheral interventions to remove blockages leading to the legs and elsewhere. As a minimally invasive procedure, it reduces surgical risks and shortens recovery time.

Advanced Catheterization Technology

We have six specialized cardiac catheterization laboratories, with two dedicated to electrophysiology, and a hybrid operating room that also enables cardiac catheterization. These advanced procedure rooms are equipped with the latest in leading-edge catheterization technology.

Blue Distinction Center+ for Cardiac CareThe high quality and cost-efficiency of our heart services have earned Jefferson Abington Hospital recognition as a Blue Distinction Center+ for Cardiac Care® by Independence Blue Cross.

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In emergency “door-to- balloon” time for coronary angioplasty and stenting, Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health ranks well above the national average.