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24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

Jefferson Health – Abington offers ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM). This service provides patients with blood pressuring readings over a 24-hour period in the comfort of their home environment.

Over the course of 24-hours, the patient will wear a blood pressure cuff on the upper arm that is connected to a lightweight, portable device worn on the waist to track blood pressure levels. The monitor checks the patient’s blood pressure every 15 minutes (including overnight, though less frequently). It is important to monitor blood pressure during the night, as levels should decrease.

Blood pressure can be skewed at the time of examination in a doctor's office due to the "white coat effect" – when blood pressure rises due to the anxiety of a clinical situation. This service helps prevent false readings and is ideal for patients who have a hard time monitoring their blood pressure levels or who have high blood pressure that is very difficult to control.

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is covered by most insurance plans. Patients interested in this service can get a script from their primary care physician and schedule an appointment by calling 215-481-EXAM or contact the Comprehensive Heart Failure Program at 215-481-4100.

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