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LVAD Patient Charles G. Blumstein, MD Tells His Story

Charles Blumstein, MD

Charles G. Blumstein, MD

I came to Abington’s Emergency Trauma Center in fall 2012 having suffered a massive heart attack. I was not previously a heart failure patient as most LVAD (ventricular assist device) recipients have been. But the heart attack left me with an ejection fraction of only about 15%, a figure at which, if it lasted (which it did), would leave me an invalid.

The possibility of an LVAD was presented during that first hospitalization but I went home after two and a half weeks. I became weaker and weaker as time passed, living with such a low cardiac output. I returned to AMH for surgery in December 2012.

“It has been almost 20 months following the LVAD implantation, I feel well, much better than I felt in the five weeks between the initial attack and the surgery. I certainly am happy to have been given the opportunity at a ‘second life,’ as I and my whole family like to call it. My wife and I have had the opportunity to do many things we enjoy, such as travelling throughout the U.S.

“Generally, my nurses and ancillary staff were exemplary. I would like to thank people specifically without whom I’m not sure I’d be here today: Doctors George Green, Robert Watson and Rohinton Morris, plus Kevin Hagan, CRNP and my rabbi. And, of course, my entire family, led by my loving wife and outstanding caregiver, Judy Blumstein.”

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