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Excerpt from letter, reprinted with permission

Touching Your Life

CABG Patient Story

My father, David Erkess, had cardiac bypass surgery at Abington Memorial Hospital. His hospital experience was as positive as one could wish for and I wanted to pass this along....

When it was determined after a catheterization that he should have bypass surgery, we considered other hospitals with larger reputations in that area. However, my father was very pleased with the care he had received at Abington up to that point, and after doing some research, he decided to have the surgery done there.

The system that is in place for cardiac bypass patients AND their families surpasses what I thought was available from hospitals these days. Everyone involved in his care was so nice and took time to thoroughly explain what was going on, in addition to explaining what we could expect down the road. It seemed as though any question we would have come up with was anticipated and answers were provided by more than one person during his stay in the hospital. My impression of the staff is that they enjoy working at Abington, and this transfers over to patient care.

I want to single out one special woman in the Surgical Critical Care Unit. I only know her first name: Terri. You may not be aware of just how much of an asset she is to Abington Hospital, but I cannot praise her enough. I'm not certain of her job title; she seems to be a liaison between the medical staff and families and, with her knowledge, compassion, and personality, she could have the job title of "angel."

My appreciation and praise also applies to Drs. Charles Gottlieb and James McClurken and their staffs who explained various steps along the way with kindness and knowledge and returned phone calls expediently. The extra step taken by Ken (the perfusionist) to stop by and check on my father...the terrific home care nurses are all so important to those of us going through such an experience.

It seems that Abington has evolved into a hospital with a good balance of highly qualified and caring staff in an atmosphere that is modern but more intimate than many other hospitals.

Ellen Erkess Uskuraitis

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