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Accredited Trauma Center

Lifesaving Care in Your Community

Montgomery County's Only Trauma Center

Pennock Emergency Trauma Center

According to the Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation (PTSF), trauma centers “provide specialized medical services and resources to patients suffering from traumatic injuries. Appropriate treatment has been shown to reduce the likelihood of death or permanent disability to injured patients. Accredited trauma centers must be continuously prepared to treat the most serious life threatening and disabling injuries. Even though trauma centers are within hospitals, they are not intended to replace the traditional hospital and its emergency department for minor injuries.”

A recent study of emergency care
among Pennsylvania hospitals found
that those with trauma centers
produced better outcomes on
weekends, protecting against the
“weekend effect” — published in the
Archives of Surgery, online
March 21, 2011.

Jefferson Abington Hospital, has had a Level II Trauma Center for more than 25 years. It is ready every hour of every day to provide immediate, expert care for life-threatening and potentially life-altering serious injuries from a wide range of causes. Jefferson Abington Hospital (JAH) has made a significant investment and commitment to meet the rigorous standards required by the PTSF so that whenever a trauma patient is en route to JAH, our highly skilled and practiced team moves into action, and our state-of-the-art trauma facilities are ready to respond.

Lifesaving Care 24/7

Every time a trauma alert is called, the hospital immediately mobilizes a huge amount of resources. These resources are ready at all times, and the response to a trauma alert by a dedicated, experienced team of physicians, nurses, and support departments is coordinated and practiced with protocols and standards in place to ensure consistency. This team is able to rapidly evaluate the patient and determine the best course of action. The community that depends on Abington Hospital can feel secure, knowing that the hospital maintains this level of readiness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An accredited Trauma Center maintains a steadfast, coordinated system of care for the patient throughout his/her hospitalization. The ultimate goal is to promote an environment at Jefferson Abington Hospital that will support the patient from the time of initial injury through definitive management in the acute care setting to discharge either to home, the rehabilitation setting or skilled nursing facility. The trauma team provides timely interventions based on standards in trauma care with resources and support services to enhance each patient’s recovery. This can only be accomplished by a collaborative team approach to each patient and Jefferson Abington Hospital’s commitment to provide all the necessary resources.

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