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Expressing Gratitude

The following letter is from a grateful mother of one of our young patients who visited our emergency room and pediatric inpatient unit (CHOP Care Network- Pediatric Care at Abington Memorial Hospital) for dehydration.

To whom this may concern:

My daughter, Elizabeth Nicely, was recently seen in your ER and ultimately admitted to the pediatric floor for dehydration. Needless to say, this was a very scary time for our family as Elise is only four years old. I just wanted to thank your tremendous ER and floor staff for taking such amazing care of Elise. You all went far above and beyond any expectations and you were able to heal her physically while also making her feel comfortable and not scared.

She is still telling everyone about her time in the hospital. She says she had “fun” but didn’t want to stay to sleep. I only wish we had written down the names of the nurses who cared for her – as there were two she really loved. One she calls “the silly guy” in the ER. He was so good to her and he is a tremendous asset to your staff. If he was able to make a very sick, very scared four year old laugh, he is a saint in my book. She would love him to have this card.

The other was her nurse on the pediatric floor just prior to discharge. She was the “lady with the white hair” to my daughter or the “lady who got my grilled cheese.” She treated Elise with such kindness. I cannot say enough! She would love for her to have the other card enclosed.

I must say, I have always gone to other hospitals for my medical needs and have been, at best, somewhat satisfied. This was my first experience at Abington Hospital and I can honestly say I was beyond impressed. All of the doctors and nurses really took the time to care for our family’s needs and treated Elise with such love and compassion. Truly the picture of what nurses and doctors should do. Your hospital and staff are amazing and my family thanks you all for everything. When we need care in the future, I know where I will go.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Mother of Elizabeth (Elise) Nicely

PS: Elise’s only complaint was the plain band-aid she received at discharge. She wanted to send along this box of princess band-aids for other kids.

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