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School Outreach and Professional Support

Cheltenham Group 2018Shown here are Cheltenham High School support group students holding up masks they created. The masks represent what thoughts/emotions they share on the outside and what thoughts/emotions they keep private. Our support group gave these students an opportunity to say these private emotions out loud in a safe and supportive space. One student remarked, “I’ve been holding these feelings in for years, it’s about time I let them out”.

School Outreach

Safe Harbor does in-house programming as well as ventures out into the local school districts to run bereavement support groups for grieving students. This, like all of our programming, is free of charge. Our goal is to run groups with the full assistance of school counseling staff so that the school may then learn how to continue group support on their own. We would provide a curriculum, supplies, and one to two of our trained facilitators. We have served several local school districts including Hatboro-Horsham, Cheltenham, Upper Dublin, and Neshaminy. Safe Harbor has also done teacher/faculty informational trainings to assist all teachers in gaining better awareness and understanding of the unique needs of their grieving students.

Professional Support and Training

Safe Harbor staff is trained in the most up to date practices for supporting grieving children, teens and their families. This includes providing resources to professional mental health workers looking to help the patients/clients they work with. We have given tours and information to therapy practices, school counselors, suicide prevention workers and others.

If you would like us to provide an introductory training about the many effects grief can have on a child or teen and how to best support those clients, please call our main line 215-481-5983 to discuss your needs. We do our best to provide individualized presentations at your location, via Zoom, or on-site at Safe Harbor.

Please note that Safe Harbor is not trained in providing immediate emergency response, but rather educational workshops. Below are some conversational suggestions when speaking with grieving children or teens.

How do you begin the conversation?

Please call us at 215-481-5983 if you have general questions you would like to discuss.

Safe Harbor

Learn more about the program here

You may also call 215-481-5983 or email us for more information.

Please watch this video (password SH2020!!) prior to contacting us regarding enrollment in the program.

The Holiday Grief Kit

The National Alliance For Grieving Children has created the following tool kit to help grieving families navigate this holiday season.