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Resources for Covid-19 Grief in Children

With the COVID-19 crisis, children are continuing to struggle with grief. They are not only experiencing natural reactions to death, but their grief is compounded and complicated because they are unable to visit the hospital to see or spend time with their loved ones before they pass. There is no hand-holding, no shared tears, no “I love you,” and no quiet vigil or cultural traditions. Funerals are also very small or being held virtually, with no real opportunity for families and friends to have a gathering to heal.

Safe Harbor will remain a resource for the community. We are in the midst of learning a new normal, working hard to set up virtual support for families who consider us their lifeline, and adjusting to social distancing. Through this difficult time, we remain mobilized to provide the best possible support for children, teens and families. This includes access to links providing grief related COVID-19 articles, tip sheets and resources.

Drawing on our resources, we are able to provide families with information on what grief looks like, how to best talk to children about death, a “toolkit” that can help them process their grief, how to conduct conversations about their feelings and how they can best support each other. As we continue to support our current Safe Harbor families through video support groups, we hope all children and parents will learn about our services and the healing power our grief support groups can provide.

Resource Links

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