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Join Our Team & Volunteer

Our staff at Safe Harbor includes caring individuals with advanced degrees in Social Work, Psychology and Music Therapy. Additionally, we are joined by an art specialist and an administrative assistant who herself is a former participant.

Safe Harbor Team

Support Groups are facilitated by specially trained and very dedicated volunteers. They come to Safe Harbor eager to help our participants with open hearts and boundless energy, and the program would not exist without them!

Safe Harbor Volunteers

Volunteer Facilitators

Trained bereavementVolunteer volunteer facilitators are the heart of our program. Many of our volunteers have advanced degrees in social services, nursing, education or psychology. However, many of our volunteers are individuals who experienced a loss when they were young and wish to offer support to those in a similar situation.

Our staff and volunteers work closely with children, teens and their parents/ caregivers to create a supportive environment where sharing feelings and concerns help participants move through the healing process. Training sessions are offered every August and are required for new volunteers to attain the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary to work with the groups. Ongoing skill building workshops and self-care gatherings are offered throughout the year. A one year commitment is required for all volunteers.

Are you interested in volunteering? Please call us at 215-481-5983.

Being able to work with pre-teens who are trying to figure out life while navigating the messy waters of death, is not only rewarding, but also important...  While saddened that they have to deal with such circumstances, I am glad that I can be there to listen and to help them process their emotions.

I find that through the process of helping others, I help myself  I feel that I can relate better to the parents and children if they know I have walked in their shoes.”

Helping through Donation

Safe Harbor needs your help to sustain and expand our program.  We rely on contributions from individuals, businesses, organizations and foundations. Please contact the Office of Philanthropy at 215-481-4438 or Safe Harbor at 215-481-5983 for more information about donations or gifts-in-kind.