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Resources for Parents

As part of its continuing effort to promote family education and health, Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health is the founding sponsor of The Center for Parenting Education. The hospital recognizes the importance of providing a place for parents to learn and practice essential skills needed for healthy parenting in today's world.

The Center for Parenting Education, founded in 1997, strengthens families by providing parents with support and education that will help them gain the knowledge and skills essential for healthy parenting in today's world.  All our programs teach an authoritative approach to parenting which research has shown to be most effective in creating a home environment in which children can thrive.  By emphasizing the balance of the need to be accepting and nurturing with the need to set firm and reasonable limits, and to do so in a way that encourages autonomy in children, we empower parents with the skills necessary for raising responsible children. Parents learn about children and their needs, become aware of healthy ways to interact and communicate with children, and discover alternatives to address everyday parenting challenges. Our programs teach parents how to discipline their children effectively, give parents a chance to practice using what they have learned, and provide a forum in which parents can interact with others parents.

When parents are prepared and supported, they feel confident and competent, stress levels in the home decrease, conflict is reduced and families become stronger. When parents learn, grow and connect with other parents in a safe and supportive environment their children can thrive and our society and our communities can become healthier and safer for families and for children.

The Center for Parenting Education offers a comprehensive range of programs:

  • Educational workshops – each topic addresses everyday parenting challenges which balance in-depth information with opportunities to practice new skills. The workshops are held at the Community Center at the Giant Super Food Store in Willow Grove as well as at other organizations that serve families in our surrounding community.
  • Welcome to Parenthood – a new parent discussion group that promotes connections between parents, and helps them develop greater confidence and satisfaction with the job of raising their children.
  • Personal Parenting Coaching – individually designed sessions to meet the unique needs of each family. This skills-based educational approach gives parents a customized set of tips and tools.
  • Online programming – live on-line educational workshops and web based narrated and text-only articles posted on our website provide on-going support from the comfort of home and when parents need it.

Visit Classes and Events for information about our upcoming programs.

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