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Pediatric Care/CHOP Care Network in the Emergency Department

Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health’s Emergency Trauma Center provides 24/7 expert pediatric care with a combination of board-certified emergency physicians and pediatricians. We treat more than 20,000 children each year, from infants to adolescents, for emergencies such as: fever, respiratory illnesses, concussion, abdominal pain, minor cuts and sprains, as well as life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

CHOP Care Network Sign

When you are faced with needing an emergency room visit for your child, you can trust Abington Hospital. We have Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) pediatricians available 24/7. In addition, transport service is available to bring pediatric patients to Abington Hospital from Abington – Lansdale Hospital. 

Our staff takes a patient- and family-centered care approach to medical emergencies, which means developing open communication with patients and their families. This includes everyone as partners in the care of the child. We also collaborate with our patients’ primary care physicians, ensuring that they are kept up-to-date on all of the diagnostic procedures and treatments we provide to their patients.

Should your child need an inpatient stay, The CHOP Care Network – Pediatric Care at Abington Hospital offers exceptional care in the convenient and family-oriented 15-bed pediatric unit. The unit is staffed by CHOP hospitalists – doctors who are board-certified in the inpatient care of children, and nurses with extensive pediatric experience and advanced certification.

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