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For information about physicians who perform colonoscopy, please call 215-481-MEDI for a referral to a gastroenterologist or colorectal surgeon, the first step in scheduling a colonoscopy. Make an appointment with a colorectal surgeon or gastroenterologist to schedule your colonoscopy today.

Why is colonoscopy so important?

Colorectal cancer usually has no symptoms, making it unusually tricky to diagnose. Survival rates rise dramatically the earlier cancer is found, which is why early detection is key.

Abington Health physicians recommend colonoscopy starting at age 50 and following up with regular screenings every 10 years. For those with a strong family history of colorectal cancer, please speak with your doctor about when you should begin screenings.

Stacey's Story

Most People Don't Consider a Colonoscopy to be a Birthday Gift

"Doctors diagnosed my colon cancer in the earliest stages, when it’s most curable.”

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Mark McKee

Start Spreading the News, Get Your Cancer Screening Today

Read how early detection of colorectal cancer through screening colonoscopy helped save one man's life.

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