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SAVI Scout® Wire-Free Radar Breast Localization System for Lumpectomy

Our goal at Jefferson Health – Abington is to provide patients with the most successful and comfortable tumor removal experience, which is now improved with wire-free radar breast localization system technology.

Previously, a radiologist would insert a wire into the breast to indicate the location of the tumor in preparation for its removal by the surgeon in a lumpectomy procedure. However, it can be uncomfortable and requires carefully coordinated scheduling between the radiologist and the surgeon on the day of the procedure.

SAVI Scout® eliminates the need to place a wire inside the breast tissue to locate the tumor. Instead, a small reflector, about the size of a grain of rice, is placed into the breast prior to the day of surgery. Patients can have the reflector inserted at Mary T. Sachs Breast Center or Jefferson Lansdale Hospital.

During surgery, surgeons pinpoint the tumor using a unique radar signal which detects the reflector located in the breast at the tumor site. This technology is efficient and precise—it can be used to perform lumpectomy on both benign and malignant breast tumors. It can also be used to effectively localize lymph nodes prior to neoadjuvant therapy and can be used with any type of imaging over the course of a patient’s care.

Clinically proven and FDA approved, this technology is a zero-radiation approach to localizing breast tumors, biopsy sites and lymph nodes.

To learn more about the use of SAVI Scout® at Jefferson Health – Abington, please contact our Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator at 215-481-3191.


  • SAVI Scout® Wire-Free Radar Breast Localization System