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Interventional Radiology Treatments

Interventional RadiologyAdvanced, minimally invasive interventional radiology (IR) can evaluate and remove cancer, or lessen its effects, without traditional open surgery. IR procedures require only light sedation and are usually performed on an outpatient basis.

We have leading-edge IR technology for treating cancer. Our interventional radiologists are highly trained physicians who use X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and CT imaging to safely guide their work.

How IR Helps Cancer Patients

Interventional radiology aids diagnosis by taking samples for analysis while avoiding damage to nearby blood vessels or organs. IR treatments attack cancer in targeted locations without affecting healthy areas. IR also may alleviate symptoms caused by cancer.

IR Procedures for Cancer

Among the treatments conducted by our IR experts: radiofrequency ablation, to destroy tumors with heat; cryoablation, to kill cancer by freezing; microwave ablation; spinal tumor ablation; chemoembolization and radioembolization, to deliver medication or radiotherapy.

We relieve symptoms with spine-stabilizing kyphoplasty or vetebroplasty to lessen pain, and biliary drainage/stenting to remove bile duct blockages and keep ducts open. Many cancer patients have IR to create a port, or vein access, for blood draws or medication delivery.

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Fertility Preservation

Before starting any cancer treatment, talk with your oncologist about whether the therapy could affect your fertility. Our reproductive endocrinologists can help.