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Breast Cancer Symposium

Friday, September 27, 2019

Abington Hospital - Jefferson Health
Frobese Conference Center
1200 Old York Rd,
Abington, PA 19001

Topic Specific Objectives

Mammography and screening recommendations

Lynn Lucas-Fehm, MD


  1. Discuss current imaging options for diagnosing, staging and monitoring Breast cancer
  2. Review recommendations for screening for breast cancer


Mark L. Sundermeyer, MD


  1. Interpret current guidelines for genetic risk assessment
  2. Integrate decision making tools for genetic risk factors

Breast Lump Management

Francesca M. Delach, MD


  1. Discuss current guidelines for the management for breast lumps
  2. Describe diagnostics and interventions for breast lumps

Case Discussion

Mark L. Sundermeyer, MD


  1. Review genetics role in breast cancer

Surgical Interventions for Early Breast Cancer

Stefania E. Nolano, DO


  1. Discuss current and evolving options for the diagnosis and treatment of early breast cancer
  2. Describe emerging tools for the diagnosis and treatment of early breast cancer

Plastic Surgery

Charles D. Long, MD


  1. Describe the different interventions of plastic surgery for the Breast cancer patient
  2. Discuss the appropriate timelines for the surgical interventions

Systemic Therapy for Breast Cancer

Anthony P. Scarpaci, MD


  1. Describe new and emerging systemic treatment for breast cancer

Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer

Scott H. Herbert, MD


    1. Describe current utilization of radiation in breast cancer

Case Discussion

Pamela R. Edmonds, MD


    1. Discuss the approaches in breast health and early stage breast cancer

Keynote: Disparities in Breast Cancer Care

Ana Marie Lopez, MD,MPH


  1. Discuss barriers to Breast cancer treatment
  2. Describe reducing the disparities in accessing care for breast cancer

What is New in Metastatic Treatment?

Mark S. Morginstin, DO


  1. Describe new and emerging therapies for metastatic breast cancer
  2. Discuss best supportive care for metastatic breast cancer

Sexual Dysfunction in Long Term Breast Cancer Treatment

Robin Faye, MD


  1. Identify sexual issues related to chronic therapy for breast cancer
  2. Apply practice interventions for chronic treatment for breast cancer

Case Discussion

Anthony Scarpaci, MD


  1. Discuss approaches for late stage breast cancer

Clinical Trials

Saveri Bhattacharya, DO


  1. Develop awareness of clinical trial as an option for breast cancer treatment
  2. Discuss clinical trial availability


Matthew Greene, PT


  1. Discuss interventions for lymphedema care
  2. Describe emerging treatment options in lymphedema care


Meghan Coleman, DNP, CRNP


  1. Describe survivorship in Breast cancer
  2. Discuss follow up care