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Fertility Treatments For Women

Methods include ways to preserve fertility as well as carry a pregnancy safely. Our specialists will explain which options may be helpful in your situation:

Embryo Freezing


  • Most proven method of fertility preservation for women
  • Ovaries hormonally stimulated to produce multiple eggs
  • Eggs removed and fertilized in laboratory with sperm from partner or donor – a process called in vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Embryos created by IVF frozen for future use, may be kept frozen indefinitely

Egg Freezing

  • Ovaries stimulated as in IVF
  • Eggs removed and frozen without fertilization
  • Frozen eggs can be fertilized at a later time to create embryos

Ovarian Shielding

  • Reduces damage to uterus and ovaries during radiation treatment by placing special shields over area of pelvis to reduce radiation exposure

Ovarian Transposition

  • Surgically moves ovaries away from area being radiated
  • May cause loss of ovarian function

Fertility-Sparing Surgery

  • Certain gynecologic cancers may be removed with surgical approaches that retain reproductive function – Avoids full hysterectomy, which would end ability to become pregnant

Other Options

  • If cancer treatment damages ovaries, donor eggs or donor embryos can be used
  • A gestational surrogate may be an option if you cannot carry a pregnancy after cancer treatment

Honored for Cancer Expertise

The American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer awarded Abington's program the  Outstanding Achievement Award in 2012 and 2015, one of only eight programs nationwide to earn this award two survey cycles in a row.

CoC Outstanding Achievement Award 2012

CoC Outstanding Achievement Award 2015

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Fertility Preservation