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Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)

Patients with severe tremors from Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor or multiple sclerosis (MS) are able to regain some movement control through deep brain stimulation, or DBS, a minimally invasive neurosurgical treatment.

DBS enables many patients to regain abilities for daily functions. The procedure is performed through tiny incisions, so patients recover more quickly.

Evaluating Patients for DBS Treatment

Our neurosurgeons have special training and experience in deep brain stimulation. They are skilled at evaluating which patients could benefit from DBS.

Patients with tremor often find relief through medication. When tremor becomes very severe, such as when patients cannot hold a cup of liquid without spilling the contents, and medication does not help, then DBS may be appropriate.

How Deep Brain Stimulation Works

With expert surgical placement and monitoring, DBS can help patients gain better movement control. Features of the procedure include:

  • Uses tiny incisions
  • Small wire placed into the brain area that controls movement
  • Wire connects to stimulator, much like a heart pacemaker, under the skin
  • Stimulator is adjusted by magnet to achieve control
  • Minimally invasive, so patients have shorter recoveries and less scarring
  • Technology may be removed without damaging the brain

Our neurosurgeons work closely with each patient to ensure the greatest DBS effectiveness.

Ernest Spengler

Relief from Parkinson's Tremors

See the results of deep brain stimulation (DBS) treatment at Abington in a patient with Parkinson's disease.

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