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Our highly trained neuroradiologists use leading-edge technology and equipment to image the brain, spine, spinal cord, head, neck and blood vessels.

These sophisticated imaging tools enable our neuroscience physicians to diagnose and even treat disorders such as stroke and aneurysm.

Neuroradiology Capabilities

With the most up-to-date neuroradiology services, Jefferson Health – Abington neuroradiologists conduct:

  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) – Computerized image created by magnetic waves; “open” MRI for patient comfort
  • MRA (magnetic resonance angiography) – Angiogram image highlighted by dye injected through small catheter
  • CT/CTA (computed tomography/angiography) – Scan shows inner cross-section of organ or body part; CT scanner has 64-slice, 3D software
  • PET (positron emission tomography) – Creates image using small amount of radiotracer; we were first in Philadelphia region and among first in U.S. to conduct brain PET scans to detect signs of Alzheimer’s disease or cognitive decline

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