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Evaluation & Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Patients at the Sleep Disorders Centers receive sophisticated testing to establish a precise diagnosis of sleep problems and create the best treatment plan.

Evaluating Sleep Disorders

Getting help begins with a comprehensive physical examination by one of our expert sleep physicians, with discussion of sleep habits and history. Testing includes EEG, EKG and measurement of oral and nasal airflow, blood oxygen, chest wall movement and leg movement.

Sleep Laboratory Studies

If a nighttime sleep study is needed, patients rest in attractive, comfortable private rooms in our modern, technologically advanced sleep laboratories. Sleep rooms include a television and adjoining bathroom, to make the overnight stay as pleasant as possible. Parents may stay with children during overnight testing.

As patients sleep, continuous recordings are made noninvasively of sleep patterns, heart rate, breathing, muscle movement, brain waves and oxygen levels through polysomnographic technology.

Daytime multiple sleep latency tests and home monitoring also are available.

Treatments for Sleep Disorders

Our sleep physicians review test findings to form a diagnosis and design individualized treatment. Some of the successful therapies we use:

Insomnia – Changes to sleep behaviors and environment, lifestyle adjustments, medication

Sleep apnea – Precise fitting of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask to keep airway open, lifestyle changes, other treatments if needed

Narcolepsy – Lifestyle changes, behavioral treatments, medication

Restless leg syndrome – Behavior modification, medication

Circadian rhythm sleep disturbance – Lifestyle changes, light therapy treatments

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