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Headache Center

We specialize in helping patients gain relief from migraine headaches, tension and cluster headaches, sinus headaches and medication rebound headaches.

Headache is one of the most common neurological problems. It also can be one of the most difficult to treat. Patients from throughout the Philadelphia area come to the Headache Center for help with persistent or debilitating headaches.

Headache Diagnosis & Treatment

When headache hits, it can bring pain, pounding, nausea or dizziness.

Our neurologists are experts in diagnosing and treating severe headaches and migraines. These fellowship-trained headache specialists are highly skilled with the latest infusion therapy, an advanced method not available at many centers. Infusion therapy can help patients whose headaches have not been relieved by other headache treatments.

At the Headache Center, treatment is personalized for your individual symptoms and needs.

Convenient Location

The Headache Center is located at Jefferson Health – Warminster. For information, call 215-441-6757.

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