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Balance Treatment & Rehabilitation

We take an individual approach to solving balance problems. Each Balance Center patient receives a personalized treatment plan, with therapy tailored to the balance mechanisms involved.

Balance Treatment

After testing and evaluation by our specialist physicians and therapists, patients receive their treatment plans and expert care to strengthen balance. Exercise-based therapy and rehabilitation aims to resolve the source of the balance problem or train other parts of the balance system to compensate for difficulties.

The Balance Center has the latest treatment and rehabilitation equipment to help patients find relief from persistent balance disorders.

Types of Treatment

Our highly skilled physical therapists, specially trained in vestibular (inner ear) rehabilitation, provide the latest treatments. Among these: gait stabilization, balance retraining, vestibular rehabilitation therapy, neuromuscular retraining, postural stability rehabilitation and fall prevention.

Patient care includes ongoing reassessment and follow-up, to sustain improvements.

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