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Balance Center

Dizziness, vertigo and other balance disorders may cause falls and serious injuries while walking, working and being active.

We are committed to restoring balance to our patients’ lives. The Balance Center helps with balance difficulties from stroke, seizures, inner ear disorders, Parkinson’s disease, vision problems, brain injury, multiple sclerosis (MS) and more.

Vertigo Treatment Video

Vertigo Treatment – Inner Ear Problem

Expertise in Balance Conditions

Our balance and equilibrium experts include board-certified neurologists and otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat physicians), and vestibular-trained (inner ear) physical therapists. These specialists provide comprehensive balance testing and evaluation, followed by individualized balance treatment and rehabilitation.

Modern, Convenient Center

Patients are seen promptly in the Balance Center’s well-equipped, technologically advanced facility at Jefferson Health – Warminster. The Balance Center features the latest treatment and rehabilitation equipment. For information, call 215-441-6777.

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Balance Center