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The Greatest Discovery:

A medical crisis introduces local woman to the “highly personalized care” of Lansdale Hospital

When Kathy James, 56, of Lansdale developed searing back pain and right-side numbness, her doctor urged her to go directly to the Emergency Department at Lansdale Hospital. “I have a very bad back, so I thought I’d hurt it again,” the former florist explains.

Kathy James“But I was reluctant to go to my hometown hospital. Before it became part of Abington Health, it wasn’t a place most people trusted for the best care,” Kathy says. “I can recall going to the previous Emergency Room on two separate occasions. My husband and I walked out both times without ever being seen.”

Kathy’s family doctor insisted that time was of the essence. “He said that Lansdale Hospital was worlds above what people had experienced in past years.“

Once in the Emergency Department, Kathy and her family saw the change for themselves. “I waited for nothing,” she recalls. “Everyone – an entire team of doctors and nurses began evaluating me as soon as I came through the door. It seems like they ran every type of test, including a CT scan.”

According to Scott Harris, MD, “Mrs. James’ symptoms and findings on her exam were much more consistent with an acute stroke than back problems. With a new onset of stroke-like symptoms, it is important to get the exam and testing done quickly and accurately in order to make the best treatment decisions. It is fortunate for Mrs. James that her symptoms were already improving by the time she arrived in the Emergency Department. I am delighted that she had not only a good outcome but an excellent hospital experience as well.”

Kathy adds, “I was quickly settled in a room. It felt like I was staying at the Hilton! The nurses on both day and night shifts were always checking on me to see if I needed anything. The room was spotless. Every morning the hospital chef visited me to ask me what I’d like for the day’s meals. The care was exceptional.”

Of course, it’s still scary when you don’t know what’s wrong. One day, she sat on the edge of her bed, feeling overwhelmed. The tears began to fall as a nurse came to take her vital signs. Her nurse enfolded her in an embrace. “’I think you could use a big hug,’” Kathy remembers her saying. “I just sobbed in her arms.”

Third Floor Telemetry Nurse Ashley Yetter, RN was one of the staff members who cared for Kathy. “Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make a difference to patients, as well as knowing they are receiving high quality care.”

Kathy noticed one other important difference. “I saw staff members in many departments while being tested – ultrasound, CT, and of course, the busy Emergency Department and those who visited my room. Their professionalism and energy made me feel secure. It was cool how the people in each department seemed to enjoy working together, teasing each other and letting me in on the joke. That really lifted my spirits.”

On the morning of her discharge, Kathy was surprised when Nutrition Department Host Alvin Simpson brought her a cup of her favorite Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. “I had mentioned how much I enjoyed this type of coffee in the morning. I was so grateful – you just don’t expect to find that kind of personal touch in a hospital.”

Now fully recovered, Kathy is happy to have chosen Lansdale Hospital. She’s even selected a Lansdale Hospital cardiologist and neurologist for follow-up medical care. The clinical and personal encouragement she has received has even helped her to stop smoking. Kathy adds, “Everybody in this area should know that we now have a hospital that you can trust to provide high quality health care. Lansdale Hospital is the phenomenal, caring place that we have been waiting for.”

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