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Trauma/Complex Fractures

Rebuilding Damaged Bones

As a regional trauma center, Jefferson Abington Hospital treats more than 95,000 patients each year.

When a severe musculoskeletal injury occurs as a result of an auto crash, job or sports accident, fall or other reason, the disciplines of Emergency Medicine and Orthopedics work closely together to provide fast, expert care. An Orthopedic Traumatology specialist – available at Jefferson Abington Hospital’s ETC – can quickly diagnose and surgically treat complex fractures, helping address pain and prevent possible additional issues.

This orthopedic surgeon is fellowship-trained in the medical and surgical intervention of complex fractures of the neck, spine, hip, leg, knee, shoulder and pelvic bones. Orthopedic traumatology offers patients with multiple traumatic injuries advanced expertise in life- and limb-threatening situations.

Matthew R. Craig, MD is a traumatologist on staff at Jefferson Abington Hospital.

Complex Fractures

Complex fractures means breaks are more severe than a simple broken bone. Fractures are considered to be complex when:

  • A bone or bones are broken into pieces, or more than one fracture occurs to a bone
  • Surrounding soft tissue is severely damaged
  • Bone is lost
  • There is severe cartilage injury at a joint
  • Joint dislocation has also occurred

Treatment Options

Surgical options are available to stabilize complex fractures and help bones heal. In order to prevent additional issues, it’s important that these fractures are addressed quickly.

Our surgeons perform over 1,300 joint replacement surgeries annually, including primary hip and knee replacement, minimally invasive joint replacement including anterior hip replacement, as well as complex revision hip and knee reconstruction, and shoulder replacement.

Geriatric Fracture Program

Older adults who experience a fracture following a fall or other cause are more likely to have poorer outcomes than younger people. In fact a simple fall for an older person often results in head, wrist, spine, hip fractures and can lead to severe disability or even death.

To help ensure that seniors have a better outcome after suffering a fracture, Jefferson Health – Abington offers a Geriatric Fracture Program (GFP). The programs streamlined admissions process provides coordinated, appropriate care for geriatric patients.

Our goal for patients in the GFP program is to have a physician evaluate them, manage their pain and, if surgery is required, get them prepared for a procedure within 18 to 24 hours. Having surgery as soon as possible can help shorten a patient’s hospital stay, may decrease pain and the risk of complications, and help restore function sooner.

Performing more than 400 surgeries to repair hip fractures each year, Abington’s program is recognized as one of the leading centers in the area.

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