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With a New Hip and New Knee, Area Businessman is

On the Move Again

Bob ColeBob Cole describes himself as someone who “comes at life full contact.” At 68, he rides a motorcycle, skis competitively and is an avid sailor – activities that put him at higher-than-average risk for injury and degenerative joint disease (arthritis). In fact, Bob has endured 15 orthopedic procedures over the years.

Not long ago, Bob was finding it difficult to get around with two diseased joints he’d put through a lifetime of wear and tear. To maintain his active lifestyle as founder/ CEO of World Wide Stereo (headquartered in Hatfield), Bob recently underwent two successful total joint replacement procedures within a year at the Orthopedic and Spine Institute (OSI) at Abington – Lansdale Hospital. He had his right hip replaced in June 2016 and his left knee replaced in April 2017, by Andrew Star, MD, chief, Orthopedic Surgery at Abington – Jefferson Health, and member of the Rothman Institute. Bob said his experience with both surgeries was so positive he wouldn’t hesitate to do it again if the need would arise.

Unexpected, “Crazy-Good” Results

A resident of Harleysville, Bob was familiar with the OSI’s reputation as a leader in joint replacement surgery. “Our methods include modern surgical techniques and the latest pain control modalities so we can prevent pain before it hits,” explained Dr. Star. The OSI also provides aggressive pre- and postoperative exercise programs to maximize function after recovery.

Bob said the excellence he experienced at the OSI included far more than outstanding medical care. A former hospital administrator, he knows how to evaluate hospital programs, policies and procedures. Bob was particularly impressed by the high level of communication among staff across the board at Abington – ­Lansdale. “The organization and communication among the disciplines were very impressive,” he said. “The staff attended to me in a superior fashion throughout treatment. From the presurgical screening, throughout surgery, recovery and rehabilitation, everyone who cared for me did all they could to make me comfortable.”

What Bob didn’t expect after surgery was the realization that he had been wrong about the actual condition of his diseased hip. He was astounded by the mechanical advantage of his new joint. “As soon as I could move, I discovered how I had been compensating for the bad joint by changing the way I sat, climbed in and out of the car, or stooped to pick up something from the ground,” he said. “Bending with the new joint felt crazy good. I moved like I was 40 again!”

Bob Cole in Iceland

Bob Cole, 4 months out to the day climbing Glaciers in Iceland

A Focus on Wellness and Hard Work

An emphasis on lifestyle and wellness is at the core of the joint replacement program at the OSI. “People who have joint surgery are not sick,” emphasized Dr. Star. “We consider that you are coming from a place of wellness. You have functional problems and you are having surgery to improve the mechanics and function of a joint.”

In keeping with that philosophy, at Abington – Lansdale Hospital, the OSI is located in a specialized wing (Abington Hospital also has a newly renovated OSI unit), specifically designed for patients undergoing procedures for total joint replacement and spine care.

“It’s a small unit, where the care providers and staff are friendly, jocular and sensitive,” said Bob. Those characteristics are especially healing to help patients begin the difficult work of rehabilitation.

Bob acknowledged physical therapy following each of his surgeries was tough, but well worth the effort. “Bob’s the kind of guy who keeps going after we patch him up,” said Dr. Star. Bob agrees. In fact, with the stability and flexibility of two new joints, he’s ready to take on even more activities.

For information about the Orthopedic and Spine Institute at Abington – Jefferson Health, visit or call 215-481-BONE.

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