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Shoulder Replacement

If long-term, chronic shoulder pain and lack of shoulder mobility have made daily life functions a struggle for you, reverse shoulder replacement may help. This minimally invasive treatment can help you regain the ability to comb your hair, drink from a glass and raise your arm.

Abington Orthopedic & Spine Institute – Jefferson Health is one of a select group of U.S. hospitals whose surgeons are highly experienced in this complex, FDA-approved procedure.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Older individuals whose rotator cuff muscles have degenerated or torn from arthritis and other shoulder conditions are good candidates for reverse shoulder replacement. The procedure helps patients increase range of motion, decrease pain and perform everyday activities, such as reaching overhead. Many go from severe
shoulder dysfunction to almost full elevation.

During the minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, our specialists reverse the shoulder’s ball-and-socket mechanics and insert a new, five-part implant. The procedure usually lasts about three hours, and patients generally spend several days in the hospital.

Your surgeon will also prescribe a physical therapy regimen of about three months, which usually is how long it takes to fully recover from the surgery. 

Raymond Barnett

Everything Is Within Reach Again

“Now I can do virtually anything. I’m so happy with my new shoulder,” says Raymond Barnett, who was able to use his right arm again after reverse shoulder replacement surgery.

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